About the Movie

About 75000 temples exist in Japan.
But we don’t know much about Buddhism even as Japanese...

“Do you live in the present?”
Buddhist messages are often too near us that we don’t think about them so deeply.
But what are they actually trying to convey?
Time has come for us to revisit them once more.
The director of “The Island of the Origin,” Sayaka Goto, now presents a new documentary, “Buddhists,” featuring six Buddhist monks, which the film follows across Japan and around the world over two years.
The Buddhists shed a sincere look at what it means to live in the contemporary world.
Witness through the Buddhists, what new understandings would you discover?

Buddhism for the better world?

his documentary explores the potential of Buddhism in its application to contemporary ways of life. Meet the “Buddhist monks living in the present”—each of the monks that this film follows adopts the teachings of the Buddha in innovative ways to promote awareness on both the Self and Society. What does it mean to live in the full realization of life itself? The film urges us to live mindfully of being present in the moment, without being entrapped in attachments neither to the past nor to the future. The power to lead futures into better directions lie in each one of us for choosing to be with awareness and acting on it. My hope is that this film would open one door into creating such future.


Muho Noelke
Issho Fujita
Shoyo Yoshimura
Kojun Asada
Akari Miura
Director : Sayaka Goto
Cinematographer : Tomonori Sasaki
Editor : Sayaka Goto/Hiroki Yamaguchi
Music : Akira Kosemura
Production Designer : Sogen Ichizumi
Publicist : Yoko Koide
Web Design : Tomomichi Ueda
Painter: Chisato Tanaka
Production : meijyu.llc
Distribution : meijyu.llc